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committed to making a positive change in this world!   

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A proud 'Babu' Pete O'Neal with Leaders of Tomorrow Children and Mwajabu Sadiki, Director of Leaders of Tomorrow Children's Home

Several of the Leaders of Tomorrow were Number 1 in their classes.
The oldest girl, Irene, was number 1 out of three schools in our area!
She is ready to start secondary school!



UAACC has also provided classes for youth and elders in our community since the very beginning!
Classes in English, basic Computer, Music and Music Production, Art and Crafts, Sports and sometimes even Yoga are provided free of charge!
All of our teachers are volunteers!

UAACC continues to open doors of opportunity for youth in our community!

Stay tuned for updates from students at UAACC at their blog: http://uaaccstudents.wordpress.com/



Mama C is presently making plans for the UAACC HEAL THE COMMUNITY TOUR 2013 and is scheduled to leave for the United States the first week of February, in time for both Black History Month AND International Women's Month. Her calendar is starting to fill already with invitations to speak on the work and history at UAACC; to perform her music and poetry and to screen both the award winning documentary

A PANTHER IN AFRICA by Aaron Matthews


the new documentary about her life as an artist/activist by Dr. Joanne Hershfield titled


Stay tuned for updates from Mama Charlotte's blog at: http://mamacharlottesword2011.wordpress.com/









A former Black Panther in Africa exile champions kids...
 By LA Times journalist Christopher Goffard

"When last he walked America’s streets, Pete O’Neal was a magnetic young man possessed of bottomless anger.

He was an ex-con who’d found a kind of religion in late-’60s black nationalism, a vain, violent street hustler reborn in a Black Panther uniform of dark sunglasses, beret and leather jacket.

Now he’s living in a Tanzanian village where he’s been a champion of children, cultivating his good instincts..."

Los Angeles Times editor

Pete O'Neal aka Babu (Grandfather) with Joshua, one of the children in the Leaders of Tomorrow program that O'Neal founded at UAACC in Tanzania

photo by Los Angeles Times photographer Barbara Davidson

Click on link below to read a riveting article by Los Angeles Times journalist, Christopher Goffard, about the present life work and passion of Pete O'Neal, UAACC founder and former KC Panther.



Glimpses into Today....

A Photo Essay by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, Barbara Davidson! 

Pete and Charlotte O'Neal, at their homestead and community center in Imbaseni Village outside of Arusha, Tanzania

photo courtesy of Barbara Davidson, Los Angeles Times photographer
January, 2012

A federal judge sentenced Pete O’Neal, pictured here with his wife of 42 years, Charlotte Hill O’Neal, to a four year prison term for transporting a shotgun across state lines. 

The conviction was a part of the FBI’s nationwide COINTELPRO efforts to destroy and disperse the leaders of the Black Panther Party and other militant organizations.  Out on bail, Pete and Charlotte sought what was to be ‘temporary’ refuge in Sweden then Algeria and finally in 1972 they settled into a life of homesteading and community service in Tanzania, whose government welcomed militants and freedom fighters from around the world.


The O’Neal’s had $700 and a dream between them.


That dream became the United African Alliance Community Center UAACC and their passion for community service hasn’t abated even after four decades in Tanzania!

Click on the link below to see the Los Angeles Times FRAMEWORK photo essay by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer,
 Barbara Davidson




 New Year 2012 Greetings and Gratitude...to a whole lot of folks!!


It’s hard to believe that we are already a month into the New Year 2012!


2011 was jammed packed full of adventures and achievements and the UAACC Family would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our friends and family…comrades all…who helped us to realize so many dreams. 


The community effort put forth during the Heal the Community Tour 2011 was unprecedented and helped to push us far to GET THAT BUS for the UAACC Community outreach program, LEADERS OF TOMORROW CHILDREN.


Family and Comrades from the west coast, east coast and environs in between, ‘threw down’ and raised several thousand dollars towards the bus, sometimes by resorting to the old fashioned ‘pass the hat’ community effort that has always been so effective in our neighborhoods.


 Harambe filled the air all across cities in America who participated in the fund raising!


Click here soon for a look at a photo essay which is a special shout out to all who helped make the Heal the Community Tour 2012 the success that it was. 

You all are appreciated beyond measure!

More UPDATES.....

UAACC has started 2012 with much excitement and fervor! We have a brand new intake of students and a new crew of volunteers who are already doing all they can to share their knowledge with youth and elders in our AruMeru community in our daily classes and activities including in:

English l Music and Music Production  Computer  Art and Handicraft    
and soon to come...Video
and Photography!!

 Stay tuned for photos of our new 2012 crew of volunteers and students and kudos to those who have served and moved on to continue to represent the best of who our UAACC family is!



We were sad to see the passing of so many of our friends and comrades in 2011 including our dear brother and UAACC family member,  Geronimo ji Jaga. We will always honor his memory in our community outreach.  He and all our comrades, will not be forgotten!!

 Long live the spirit of Geronimo ji Jaga!

Click here soon for photo essay and video tribute to G!

click here to see pictures of the inauguration of the new computer class


There are plenty of opportunities at UAACC to share your knowledge in an informal and exciting setting here in the foothills of Mt. Meru, whether you are here for three days or three months or more. 

If you have knowledge to share we can use your expertise and enthusiasm in computer studies, arts, crafts, languages, math, music, video production, health and nutrition, drama...you name it and more than likely we can build workshops or classes around your particular expertise.

Contact us for details at: 
P.O. Box 1237       Arusha, Tanzania

Volunteers from Tanzania and study abroad groups come from all over the world to share their knowledge with youth and elders!

Stay Tuned for more new updates very soon...