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l News Flash!

It was an international effort by women artists and now the badly damaged statue at the Family Roundabout is newly repaired!

l Click here to find out more  about this collaborative project by women artists including Lynn DiNino of Seattle; Nedra Bonds and Linda Cloud, both from Kansas City and Charlotte Hill O'Neal.

Mzee Sterling Hill, Charlotte's father, has visited Arusha many times over the years.  He always likes to participate in community events.  Here he looks at Ms. Adelaide Kabwogi's graduation certificate from Marangu Teachers College recently in April, 04.  Mzee Sterling was honored to be asked to stand in as Ade's father who was unable to attend.

International Exchanges at UAACC and beyond!

  Whether you are here for one week or one year, it doesn't matter.  We can tailor your knowledge sharing commitments and your community service opportunities to suit both your schedule and your interests!

There are ongoing year round opportunities for participation in UAACC programs and projects through volunteer service or student/cultural exchanges


l News Flash

March, 2004...Ms. Veda Monday's class at Van Horn High school in Kansas City raised money by car wash fund raisers, to purchase acrylic paints for the artists at UAACC.  We commend their community spirit, determination and commitment! 

Asanteni sana, Y'all!!

Kansas City artist and Sister City member, Ms. Nedra Bonds (in blue dress) sharing happiness with UAACC artists when she delivered some of the acrylic paints donated by students of Ms. Veda Monday's class at Van Horn High in Kansas City!


Mzee Pete and his sister Janice High, (who he hadn't seen since 1970!) enjoy a children's holiday party at UAACC.  The clown is Evelyn Citroen from Holland.  She has studied clowning with the famous Dr. Patch and specializes in making children in difficult circumstances laugh as therapy.


Whether it be painting a village classroom or showing off new dance steps learned in traditional dance classes, visiting students are bound to have a memorable time!

Hundreds of students (and elders too!) have already passed through UAACC  and participated in the cultural immersion programs that we organize for them.  

Whether it's tasting fresh brewed coffee during a visit to a village coffee farm or...

making new friends in a Maasai village deep in the bush...an unforgettable life altering experience could be yours!

There are opportunities for our visitors to experience some of the traditional African lifestyle that Tanzania is known for as they visit farms and schools; women's development projects, art colonies, and more!

Dr. Craig Brookins, head of the Africana Department at North Carolina State University and his group of students join children at CCF for a painting session in the dinning hall.  Click here to read more about their community service.

Students from Stony Brook University Study Abroad program, always commit themselves to perform community service activities when they visit Tanzania.  Pictured are the group from 2003 who donated clothes and shoes to children at CCF. Read more about their community service by clicking here.

...and of course learning about the traditional dances and music of Tanzania and discovering more about the diversity of language and culture, both in the urban areas and in the villages, adds excitement to their Tanzanian adventure!       

Mzee Pete with visiting students from Kansas City in Maasailand!

Nature safaris; lectures and workshops of all kinds; visits to culture and art centers; and a general exploration of life in East Africa help our visitors earn college credits AND create powerful' once in a lifetime' experiences!

Be patient Y'all...this is only a glimpse into our ongoing exchanges.  More is coming soon!!!