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Arusha's leading English weekly community newspaper

Free internet for promotion of education in Arusha, Tanzania

Community service organization founded by human rights activist, Geronimo ji Jaga

Aang Serian Peace Village
Aang Serian, a community youth organization dedicated to preserving and promoting indigenous wisdom!  Based in Arusha, Tanzania

Arusha Node Marie

The Tanzanian internet service provider with a difference!

White Orange Youth
Community youth organization dedicated to providing youth with information about HIV/AIDS that might save their lives!  Based in Moshi, Tanzania
Site for global exchanges exploring the effects of profit driven corporate globalization and what we can do about it
It's About Time...
The It's About Time Committee is committed to preserving and promoting the legacy of the Black Panther Party (BPP) and its programs of community survival pending social change. 
A Panther in Africa 
a feature length film, by Aaron Matthews (director of My American Girls, etc.), on the history and present life and work of Pete O'Neal and UAACC

A twenty-six minute documentary by Cassandra Herrman and Katy Shrout which narrates the life and times of Pete O'Neal, a former Black Panther living in exile in Tanzania for more than three decades.  This film is narrated by award winning actress, Alfre Woodard


The Internationalblack panther film festival
The International Black Panther Film Festival is a non-competitive cultural program that expresses the spirit of liberation exemplified by the Black Panther Party. Exuberant images of fighting black youth have inspired artists around the world to make films about the struggle waged by the Black Panther Party. More than 20 such films have been produced, most of which are rarely seen.






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