Black Panther Party: 
Kansas City and beyond 

Glimpses of a Unique History

Pete O'Neal announcing formation of the KC Chapter of the Black Panther Party in 1968


The late '60's saw a tremendous upsurge of desire for self determination and community control in the inner cities of America. The Black Panther Party was a prime example of unity of will and purpose as evidenced in the breakfast for school children projects and free health clinics.  The KC Chapter was feeding in excess of 700 children a day though donations of food from businesses in the city. 


Pete speaking at Black Panther Rally
in Kansas City, 1969



KC Panthers at a rally to Free Huey and all political prisoners in 1969

All Power to the People was our rallying cry!



Pete and other KC activists mobilizing the community in Kansas City


Pete and Charlotte left America in 1970 and  worked for two years with the International Section of the BPP founded by Eldridge and Kathleen Cleaver, in Algeria, North Africa


Pete and Charlotte, in 1971, with one day old son Malcolm, at BPP International Section, Algiers


Pete and brothers in Algeria including BPP Field Marshall DC; Sekou Odinga; Cetawayo Tabor and Mzee Shakur



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