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Heal the Community program

The Heal the Community program started 10 years ago in 1995, and continues to focus on cultural, arts/educational workshop and seminar exchanges between American youth and Tanzanian youth, every visit averaging approx. 6 weeks each time 

 Heal the Community activities encourage dialogue between youth of America and youth of Africa,  The program provides the opportunity to explore their commonalities and their differences with the hope that these discussions will lead to opportunities for the building of positive contacts, experiences, high self esteem and empowerment.

We feel that our youth in America need to see youth from other communities, who are living their dreams…who are creative and responsible members of their communities…who have chosen a positive path in life. 

  Kansas City has been the main focus of this cultural exchange program and DeLaSalle Education Center located in K.C. Mo. has been participating since 1995 by both sending select students and receiving students from Tanzania.


(from left) Sharon Thomas, Pete O'Neal, Frida Mshana, a KLM official, Raneissa Wedlow, another KLM officer, and a Tanzanian government officer



The first Heal the Community Group in 1995 consisted of Raneissa Wedlow, a student from DeLaSalle and her counselor, Ms. Sharon Thomas.  Frida Mshana, from Sekei Secondary, represented Tanzanian youth.  In cooperation with UAACC, KLM Royal Dutch airline provided a ticket for Raneissa as a part of its 'Bridging the World' 75th anniversary celebration.



Frida went to Kansas City in 1995 for a reciprocal educational/cultural exchange. She won the right to participate by winning an essay contest.
Frida is pictured with Charlotte in front of a mural commemorating the famous Jazz history of Kansas City, the birthplace of Charlie Parker and so many other Jazz greats