UAACC and Prometheus Radio
 join hands to launch
 United African Alliance Community Radio!


"All Power to the People!...All Power to the People"....
those words rang out time and time again during the unique radio barn raising ceremonies  on August 21 at UAACC!  Many people in Imbaseni Village and the surrounding AruMeru District came to help celebrate the newly established FM  radio station christened  UAACR (United African Alliance Community Radio).

Over the course of two weeks, the Prometheus Radio Project, which is based in the United States and was founded by former radio pirate, Pete Tridish, conducted workshops for the United African Alliance Community Center in many aspects of audio engineering, radio production and programming.  The workshops were led by a  team of radio engineers and producers based in the United States and South Africa and included Pete Tridish, Kate Coyer, Christina Dunbar-Hester, Erik Hoversten and Brother Molefi from the community radio station RASA (make some noise)FM in Soweto, South Africa.  check out more about Prometheus Radio Project at:
Film makers, Sisters Jamese and Serenah, were here with Prometheus, filming the whole experience.  Both sisters are from Scribe Video, in Philadelphia and they plan to make a documentary about the the building of the community radio station! 
Check out more about

Brother Molefi, from South Africa, stresses a point during the
workshop with Prometheus Radio Project 

Photo courtesy of Sister Jamese of Scribe Video Project  August 2005

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement representatives for the Black August Celebration were here too!  click here to read more about Black August in Tanzania!

 The sisters were also here to find effective ways to build working coalitions between youth and other progressive minded brothers and sisters here in Tanzania, in America and all over the world.

They were happy to witness the high level of consciousness among youth here in Arusha and praised the strong hip hop community of artists emerging in Tanzania and Africa in general.

The Sisters from the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement plant a tree as a symbol of solidarity with the people of Tanzania and in homage to our Ancestors and the Creator. 

They poured libations for our fallen heroes and political prisoners held in America and around the world.    Pictured during the libations ceremony are l to r: Sister Jamese, Sister Maliaka, and Sister Saki.  Also participating was Sister Serenah.
African Traditional Dance Group provided traditional drumming and dancing for the community attending the radio barn raising celebration!




Wape Watu Sauti!

Giving Voice to the People!




Big Shoutouts and Much Respect to
Brother Alex Papali & Sister Susana Stringer
for their hard work and commitment to making this project happen for the community! 

Asanteni Sana to:

KUJI Foundation for their continued support and family/community love.

Scribe Video and Sister Jamese and Sister Serenah, who spent so much time and energy and creativity filming everything from the first day to the last and everything in between, and much love to all our comrade Sisters and Brothers in Philly!

and of course much gratitude to our comrades at
Prometheus Radio Project and all our
Sister Community Radio Stations!!!



Pete Tridish, founder and director of Prometheus Radio Project at UAACC sharing his knowledge with some of the participants from Aang Serian who attended the workshops with UAACC volunteers. 
Photo courtesy of Kate Coyer  August 2005

Prometheus Radio Project's mission is "to support and build community radio stations and to serve as a micro radio resource center offering legal, technical, and organizational support for the non-commercial community broadcasters"

Prometheus Radio Project is a not for profit association dedicated to the democratization of the airwaves through the proliferation of non-commercial, community based, micro power radio stations.  "It is our belief" says Petri "that access to communications for all citizens is at the heart of a democratic society."


Radio distribution project in AruMeru!

 Pictured below are some of the UAACC Family of volunteers who received some of the one hundred and fifty FM Autoscan radios with earphones being presently distributed in Imbaseni Village and beyond, as a part of the UAACC/KUJI Foundation Community Radio Distribution Project.

Some of UAACC's Family of Volunteers
who are recipients of the Community Radio Distribution Project!


More than twenty people participated in the workshop learning about: Introduction to Radio Engineering; Transmitter Electronics; Antenna Theory; Station Programming; Studio Construction and Maintenance; Field Recording and Interviewing; Digital Audio Editing; DJing; and more


Brother Amos, a fine arts student at UAACC, tries his hand at interviewing some of the
children in the community.


Sister Kekou, a well known rapper in A Town and UAACC artist is using what she's learned in the workshop to conduct an interview

Sister Anande, Brother Steve and Mzee Nanyaro, all UAACC volunteers learn about circuit boards in the workshop

And then...
the day arrived for the radio barn raising! 

There was drumming and dancing to mark the occasion.

...and Charlotte and Kate (from Prometheus Radio Project)
planted a tree in memory of the day.


Mzee Pete took the opportunity to commend Brother Gaidi Faraj, a long time KUJI Foundation and UAACC volunteer, who was leaving the same day for America.  Brother Gaidi was presented with the 2005 UAACC MFANO Award for his tremendous volunteer service and his consistently, positive example.

Mama Helen Jones, Sister of our comrade, the late Brother Eldridge Cleaver, also attended the barn raising ceremony with her daughter Dana.  Here Mzee introduces her to the community and welcomes her to UAACC!


Photo curtesy of Kate
With many hands helping, the first antenna was put into position on top of the former was a real BARN raising that day!

Moving the antenna to a different, better location followed a few days later...

There were plenty of hands available to raise the antenna up into its second, permanent position.

Presently, our main focus will be to serve the AruMeru community, giving an empowering voice to those in villages, especially women and youth, who normally would not have the opportunity or the means to voice their concerns and ideas relevant to their rural lifestyles.



It is true that radio coverage is these days universal to the majority of the nation whether they are urban centers or distant rural villages.  Radio remains the most popular and affordable medium throughout Africa.

UAACC volunteers, Brother Sam Obae and Brother Ali Kwele mix it up in the UAACR studio at the end of a fruitful couple of weeks of workshop!
Photo courtesy of Sister Jamese

We realize  that empowerment comes not just from being able to make one’s personal voice heard for great distances over the airways, but also personal power is increased simply through learning and absorbing new ideas and ways of doing things in the global community.

It is true to say that education + radio = wide spread empowerment!



This community radio service project will produce radio programs that will be aired 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will include ongoing programs devoted to issues dealing with topics below.  The program schedule will however be dynamic and expanding. 



bullet health and nutrition
bullet cooking and housekeeping tips
bullet HIV/AIDS awareness
bullet women, youth and elders
bullet environment and conservation
bullet agriculture and animal husbandry
bullet community sports
bullet history and culture



bulletscience and technology
bulletspecial children’s programs
bulletindigenous knowledge
bulletEnglish and Kiswahili classes
bullet local and global music
bullet poetry and community theater
bullet community announcements
bullet variety guest spots
bullet national and international news.



Because we do not have enough space for the literally hundreds of people who apply for a chance to participate in our classes each year, many of the programs to be aired on UAACR will be an effective means to reach those who are not able to actually study at UAACC.

 We will be able to reach hundreds of people in the AruMeru District, bringing to them the various programs mentioned above.

We also plan to have  soon, internet streaming with UAACR, so literally the whole world will have the opportunity to listen to the voices of the people of AruMeru District in Arusha, Tanzania.

Stay Tuned!

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